U-KISS Memories Tracks Lyrics (romanized)


1 – FLY HIGH ~ ~ Intro
2 – Break up
3 – Bungee Jump
4 – Fall in Love
5 – Spring Rain
6 – Standing Still-Japanese Version
7 – Nightmare
8 – Crazy 4 U
9 – Baby, Touch Me
10 – Shape of your heart
11 – SOMEDAY-Japanese Version-
12 – Never End ~ ~ Ending


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Mysterious lady MV captures ^^ 

(~>w<)~ Jaeseop really looks beautiful *-*

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[HQ Scans] U-KISS Weekly Woman Magazine Scan ©

You will be always our precious maknae 

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Eli spotted filming with NS Yoonji in Japan

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que …que… QUÉEEEE??!


Chan!!! La muerte para natylore HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ♥ Yoon-G y Eli *—-* hermosos, guapos y juntos -frente a las cámaras- otra vez~ Nanai esposa de Eli xD


AJ’s thoughts on his fans.


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Hello! These are the things I’ve learned from UKISS on 2013.

This year, UKISS went through many hardships but also many beautiful things. Let’s hope 2014 turns out even better than 2013 to UKISS! And may this year grant all of their wishes. 

This year, UKISS also lost another member of their family, but no matter how far that member might be, he will always be one of our beloved UKISS members. He did what he wished and the group respected his decision, and that’s… That’s a true act of friendship and brotherhood.

Enough of sad things! 2013 caused lots of laughter and tears to us, Kissmes. To remember that, here’s some highlights of the year:

AJ has chicken chest in his refrigerator!

Chicken wings are now a fruit!

Kevin has flavored pizza in his refrigerator ??? ???

Soohyun’s English skills are perfect. Would you like something to cock coke? 

Vegeta now is also a real Planet! 

In Latin America, you can be as sexy as you want!

UKISS will always live with fear of bugs.

Eli’s heart is in his pe- Oops! Big toe.

And most important of all…

UKISS’s success worldwide.

Thanks to their hard work, UKISS was given the title and success they deserve internationally. Let’s hope they keep getting bigger and bigger than what they are now!

Always love and support UKISS and wish them a wonderful 2014!

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ShuermiXXKISSOSsensualos U-U-U-U-KISS & Brave sound~ brave sound oh~ Bingeul Bingeul Bingeul Bingeul~ Na ajikdo neoreul jiul su eobseo Jakkujakku niga saenggakna Niga neomu bogo shipeo Hey! Hey! Hey! Neo wanjeon jjajeung na hanabakke nan mollatjanha Eonjengan ttokgachi danghae, I'll bet Saranggatgo jangnanhaneun neo sarangeul neomu swibge haneun neo Ijen dwaesseo yeougateun girl Dora dora dora doraga dora dora dora boji malgo doraga TU BESO! TU BESO! TU BESO! MUAH~ cheortae eorijiga anha teo isang kkommaengiga anya I know what’s love~ nado aneungeol yat’pojima kkapuljima Money love fashion fame and all that´s in between! Hey yo check the way that you speak and the way you sound Being like a freak invading my soul neo neun ee jeh sil-reo Girl you're pissin me off nan ee jeh neo ddae-moon-eh ji chyeo-sseo asdasdasdsaasdasd KISSOS HEDMOZOS *o*